Monday 4-4-16

  Over the weekend we've seen a major drop in tonnage regarding limes from Mexico. As a result, limes prices have once again gone through the roof. This is expected to last through April. 

Wed. 3-23-16

Don't Forget.....we will be closed on Easter Sunday.

No Wholesale deliveries Either.

Tues. 3-22-16

Because of a shortage in the pipeline, Chinese peeled garlic has gone through the roof! Unfortunately, it's not about the price, just getting the product has been the hardest part. Vendors are being pro-rated, and coming up very short in supplies. As you may expect, this is placing a burden on Cal. peeled garlic as well, and they are at the tail end of their season. Look for prices to be in flux the next several weeks. We will try to carry the US garlic as much as possible, as the price is the same at the moment.